Asymmetric Lace Sweater – Knitting Magazine, June 2014

A quick one from me to share my latest design for Knitting Magazine – this vintage-inspired lace sweater!

AsymmLaceJumperI love working with lace, but upon getting the chance to add interesting details or structural elements I couldn’t help but chop off one side of the jumper ;-).  Many off-the-shoulder sweaters are based on a boat neck shape, so I thought, what if I just do things a little bit differently?  I then used one of my all-time favourite lace panels (you might recognise it from Frosted Flowers), added a little bit of texture with little lacy rib panels, and there it was – my swatch was complete.

The main challenge was getting the neckband just right: not too high or the off-shoulder becomes redundant; not too low or the jumper becomes a little indecent.  Happily, I think it worked well.  It will be interesting (not to mention exciting!) to see how people respond to my idea.  The truth is in the knitting!

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